EarthPad® Grounding Mat | Selfawear®
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EarthPad® Grounding Mat Earthing Mat Selfawear
EarthPad® Grounding Mat Earthing Mat Selfawear
EarthPad® Grounding Mat Earthing Mat Selfawear
EarthPad® Grounding Mat Earthing Mat Selfawear

EarthPad® Grounding Mat

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Keep out of direct sunlight. 

Clean when required with alcohol-free wet wipes.

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Ground Yourself & Experience Instant Wellness

Grounding plays a crucial role in our daily lives. The electrical devices we depend on could become hazardous, overheat or even catch fire - without proper grounding, due to imbalanced electrons.

While the effects of being ungrounded may not be apparent on the outside, inside our bodies - the situation is quite different. Excess electrons from our electronic devices accumulate, causing cellular and internal disruptions.

However, by using the Selfawear EarthPad® Grounding Mat to connect to the Earth's natural healing energies, you can introduce Earth's stabilising electrons directly into your body. This connection helps counteract the negative impacts of electronic interference almost immediately, restoring balance and promoting well-being.

Grounding decreases stress & anxiety by balancing the autonomic nervous system, reducing pain and inflammation, improving sleep and relaxation and improving health in general - all of which lead to decreased stress and anxiety.

Grounding improves blood circulation, deliverying more oxygen & nutrients to your muscle & organ tissue. This improved circulation has a direct effect upon energy level, muscular recovery and pain relief.

Grounding helps sleep by balancing the autonomic nervous system & reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels. This regulates our heart rate, digestion and sleep cycle. Grounding balances this system and promotes muscle relaxation, stress reduction, making it easier to fall & stay asleep.

Grounding can boost energy levels and reduce feelings of fatigue. This could be related to improved circulation and reduced inflammation. We've also had reports from our community that improved mental clarity and focus are often an immediate benefit.

What the Science Says About Grounding

96% of participants report feeling significant more relaxed while using the Mat.

93% of participants recorded a significant reduction in inflammation documented with infrared imaging in a 2015 study by Oschman, Brown & Chevalier

100% of participants recorded a significant improvement in blood viscocity and reduction in blood clumping after 10 minutes of grounding, in a 2015 study by Oschman, Brown & Chevalier

Based on Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies. Updated 2023

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Snap the grounding wire onto the connection pin

Step 2

Plug the grounding wire into the grounding port of any power outlet

Step 3

Touch the mat with any part of your body and enjoy the healing benefits

EarthPad® Grounding Mat Earthing Mat Selfawear

Grounding Made Easy

The Selfawear EarthPad® Grounding Mat provides ultimate convenience, allowing you to easily maintain a consistent grounding practice from the comfort of your own home or workspace. Unlike traditional methods that require being outdoors, our mat brings the benefits of grounding directly to you.

Effortlessly integrate the mat into your daily routine to enhance your lifestyle without disruption. Experience the advantages of daily grounding, such as increased well-being and vitality, simply and seamlessly.

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EarthPad® Grounding Mat | Selfawear®