Our Mission - Selfawear

Our Mission

For those wanting to make a positive impact, Selfawear encourages a voice to express yourself by spreading awareness for mental health through empowering and stylish fashion.

Our why. Our intention. Our story.

Mental illness is becoming increasingly common amongst us. We now live in a digital world where things are speeding up. Our biological bodies can't keep up. We want things now, and usually we can have it now. We’ve become impulsive, reactive and almost so used to routine, our lives pass without us being aware. In a world where we want and can have nearly anything, our minds can become very chaotic at times, leaving behind the most precious thing we have.

The present moment.

It’s officially become the global norm. We look for things outside to change the inside. Imagine looking into the reflection in a mirror. Sometimes we don’t like what we see. However, altering the mirror won't change us. Whether we cover it, twist it, melt, or break it - the thing creating the reflection has not changed. Whether it’s relationships, happiness, fulfilment, our self esteem or self image, nothing on the outside will really fix the root cause. It may temporarily cover the problem, only leaving it for us to heal later down the track.

We understand this. We know that this reality is so common amongst us and is not easy to break out of. However, we can begin to shift our perspective. This is our sole mission and purpose at Selfawear.

Our mission is to encourage people to become more self aware. Aware of their feelings, thoughts, intentions, behaviours, ultimately helping create a movement where we understand the very root of our actions. This is where real change begins.

Getting to know yourself, helps us understand that, deep inside, all actions and behaviours stem from rooted desires or beliefs within ourselves. It help us to understand ourselves and others. We learn that when people do things (negative or positive), it’s coming from a place within them and how they are feeling in that moment. They either consciously or unconsciously rationalize their own decisions in their head. This helps us forgive ourselves and others.

Sometimes our decisions are really unconscious. This helps us deeply forgive. We tend to lie to ourselves on the surface. We think we know why we do things but deep down, if we dig deep enough, there is a root cause - an internal reason that governs our actions. Having that understanding helps to understand yourself and others. Being in tune with this and getting to know yourself and others helps with success and relationships.

Once we understand this, we can shift ourselves to come from a place of worthiness. This means we no longer react to our environment. We no longer need approval from others to feel good about ourselves. If someone disapproves of us, we can accept it, but it does not emotionally affect us. We begin to share stories and successes, genuinely proud of ourselves, not seeking people's approval or satisfaction. Eventually, with this understanding, our actions and beliefs will come from a place of worthiness and acceptance without constantly seeking others' approval.

Selfawear is committed to spreading self-awareness and developing beliefs and behaviours that contribute to helping the world become a better place. 

We know it's hard to stay true to yourself, especially if you don't know who you are but that's what we're here for! We pride ourselves in offering authentic high quality clothing that helps spread the importance of self awareness in a stylish and creative way that you can feel good about.

- The Selfawear Team